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Abhinav Garg


A visual Artist by profession and the technical team head of the website.

Muskaan Mishra

The head of the content writing and the manager of GARGUNLIMITED.COM

A visual artist by profession.

Tarun Dugge

The creative head and the manager of the website. A visual artist and a film maker by profession.


This is a list of all the smartphones under 15000 available in india to buy.



It's late in the evening, and you're ready to snuggle in with a good book. As you make yourself comfortable in your favourite chair, you consider the books stacked on the nearby end table.

These are the top 5 running shoes under 2000 to buy which is extremely comfortable and pocket friendly pick. 

QWD_edited-min (1).jpg

the best collection of the indian writer Amish tripathi. The epics of Amish starting from the shiva triology to Ravana, rama and sita. 

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Whenever you picture an artist, you always see him/her engrossed in their colorful world standing at an easel. Like many other essential materials for a good piece of art, an easel too is an undeniably important part of any artist’s gear.

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