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Book Name: Dear Stranger, I know How You Feel

Author: Ashish Bagrecha

Category: Self-help

Published date: 18th November, 2019

Publisher: Westland


After reading this book, I was so excited to write a review because I want more and more people to read this book and the reason is, In this book Ashish Bagrecha has not written words, he has written his emotions, you’ll find a breathing words inside! Read detailed review in this article. 

• About The Book

“Dear stranger, I know how you feel”. How you really feel after read this title. I’m sure you’ll get personal touch. This book is all about hope and healing because Ashish has passed from toughest phase. 10th May, 2018 he had a panic attack. He was fighting depression and anxiety but he didn’t give up. He fought and now we all can see his growth. You’ll know a journey of hope and healing in this book. There is 30 letter inside a book.

you can check out the content pages below.

I personally liked this pattern. Usually you can see a chapters or a book under one topic but this is something different. I can’t describe each letter but I bet, you’ll get a positive vibes after reading each letter.

about the author ashish bagrecha

Ashish Bagrecha is a famous poet on Instagram by his poems and “stranger letters”. He started writing about life and love in high school with dream to become an author someday.


He has done Master in Marketing and runs app development agency. He currently lives in Surat and is married to best selling author as well as best storyteller Savi Sharma. Together, they dream to inspire millions through their stories and poems.

I’ve described this review in two parts: “About the book” and second one is “The things which I personally liked about it”. Let’s have a look first,



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